Technical Assistance & Training

Our technical assistance (TA) and training is customized to build on the current knowledge of the client organization, while introducing new resources, partners, and tools. By creating and sharing capacity-building tools, developing partnerships, and facilitating workshops, seminars and planning sessions, BCT positions organizations to achieve better outcomes.

Our TA and training is culturally competent and goal-oriented. Beginning with a needs assessment, BCT clarifies baseline data and goals, in order to create a comprehensive TA plan that guides each client to its intended outcome. BCT optimizes client organizations through a process that includes (a) interviews with stakeholders to define points-of-pain, transformational drivers, and root cause, (b) assessment of future vision and strategy to define opportunities, (c) analysis of the current situation using diagnostic questionnaires, surveys, and interviews, (d) gap analysis to define current state in relation to best practices, and (e) recommendations with scenarios and definition of pros and cons.