Our Capabilities and Services

Our Capabilities

BCT Partners is on a mission: To provide insights about diverse people that lead to equity. 

We offer a full range of services including consulting, research, training, technology, and analytics services in order to deliver results that improve lives. Inequities in society, including unconscious bias, can exist on many levels — structurally, systematically and even randomly within organizations, institutions, and programs that are intended to benefit society. As a minority owned consulting practice, we have a unique perspective on these disparities and are able to leverage our deep expertise to help drive organizations towards solutions such as conscious inclusion, that close those gaps.


BCT possesses a solid understanding of the sectors where diverse people work, live, and play — healthcare, children & family services, housing & community development, energy & infrastructure, workforce development, and corporate diversity & inclusion. We combine our subject matter expertise with precision analytics and technology to help inform our decision-making, gauge progress, measure impact and drive successful outcomes. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate disparities in order to create a more equitable society.

Our Services


BCT’s Data Analytics & Business Intelligence practice combines descriptive analytics, predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics.  Our services span the areas of big data, development and integration, master data management, data quality and governance, regulatory and compliance, end-to-end data management services (ETL), application management, quality assurance and testing.


BCT’s Information Technology practice delivers a full-range of technology services to design, develop, implement and test systems.  We leverage our specialized capabilities in operations and maintenance, application development, information management, and performance management to deliver business and stakeholder value.


BCT’s Research & Evaluation practice manages the entire lifecycle of assessment, research and evaluation investigations to yield insights to difficult questions.  We employ multi-disciplinary teams to examine inherently multi-disciplinary issues by utilizing qualitative, quantitative and mixed-methods research methods.


BCT’s Technical Assistance & Training practice delivers a comprehensive suite of services such as organizational development, facilitation, program management, monitoring, compliance and more.  These efforts build organizational capacity, strengthen communities, and improve the quality of life.


BCT’s Management Consulting practice offers strategic business services such as strategy, planning, business analysis, program management, project management and more.  Our consulting services enable our customers to increase efficiencies, enhance effectiveness and foster innovation.

Unconscious Bias: Unconscious stereotypes that influence our judgement towards other people.

BCT can help increase conscious inclusion within your organization through our research, consultation, training, and analytical services.