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Explore the Next Gen of Data-Driven, Decision-Making Tools Designed to Champion Equity.

EquIP is a geospatial big data platform combining all IRS tax forms and US household survey data (American Community Survey data, administered to 3.5 million residents every year) to determine what's needed to improve communities equitably.

EquIP uses AI/machine learning to causally model what works by way of direct services to communities to improve their well-being.

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What is

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Through precision modeling and a commitment to equity, EquIP is transforming the landscape of nonprofit evaluation and building a brighter future for all communities.

Key Features You'll Discover

precision modeling

Precision Modeling

Unlocks critical findings in historical data and measures the tangible uplift in community well-being.

bridging the gaps in communities of color

Community-First Approach

Prioritizes communities of color, bridging the accessibility gaps in nonprofit services.

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Customizable Insights

Augments the platform with your datasets, pushing past static information towards personalized, actionable intelligence.

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Integrated Evaluations

Provides synergy by combining both community and nonprofit assessments to offer a comprehensive understanding of the status and condition of existing programs and resources.

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Early Childhood Education BCT Partners
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