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Virtual Reality Immersion

BCT Partners Through My Eyes Virtual Reality


The First Virtual Reality Program Designed to Mitigate Workplace Discrimination

Diversity Drives Business Performance

  • Addressing gender diversity can increase revenues by 41%. MIT 2014.

  • Racially diverse tech companies are 35% more likely to have higher financial returns than the median. Forbes 2017.

  • Companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to have financial returns above their respective national industry medians. McKinsey 2015.

Yet Most Diversity Programs Fail*

  • The positive effects of diversity training rarely last beyond a day or two.

  • Studies show that many managers tend to give lower ratings to women and minorities in performance reviews.

  • Managerial ranks of white women and all minority groups except Hispanic men decline—by 3% to 11%— in the five years after companies adopt grievance procedures.

*Harvard Business Review Article

Why Do They Fail?

Traditional diversity and inclusion programs never have the employee actually ‘walk in the shoes’ of someone who faces bias in their daily life.

Through My Eyes Will Change the Equation

BCT Partners and Red Fern Consulting are launching a VR program that puts people in actual situations where they have to confront some of their own obvious or hidden biases.

Why It Works

The VR experience enables the user to take part in two different ways: As an observer of how bias plays out in various situations, and also as one of the characters in the scene, accelerating their empathy for how bias affects different demographics. Data is captured regarding the user’s focus and choices, which then provides material for personalized action planning.

Why BCT and Red Fern

BCT Partners’ diversity and inclusion expertise combined with Red Fern’s understanding of how to develop transformative educational experiences has enabled them to build something truly ground-breaking that has never been done before.

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