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bct subject matter experts

Subject Matter Experts

Pete York BCT Partners

Pete York

Principal and Director of Research, Evaluation, Analytics, and Learning

Pete has 25 years of experience in his field. His role entails providing strategic direction planning, leadership, oversight, and business development for BCT's analytics and evaluation consulting work and leading the development of data-driven technology solutions.

In Pete's own words:

"I began my career as a frontline social worker, including a case worker for the homeless. I witnessed injustices and inequities in how the legal system treated my clients. I then saw how a researcher used data to advocate for my clients, which motivated me to pursue graduate studies in applied research and evaluation. I then spent the next 25 years as an evaluator of social programs. Still, I was concerned that the findings rarely helped practitioners on the front lines make decisions that directly impacted the lives of beneficiaries. I came to BCT Partners, bringing my passion for social science and data science to develop solutions that address algorithmic biases, address systematic inequities, and create lasting change."


Pete York Expert
Damita Byrd Expert
 Damita Byrd BCT Partners

Damita Byrd

Director of Culture, Diversity, and Inclusion

Damita has 19 years of experience in her field and is an HR Certified Diversity and Inclusion Professional. At BCT, she leads a team of practitioners that help clients accelerate DEI initiatives within their organization through training, policy and procedure development, and implementing best practices that lead to more inclusive workforces.

In Damita's own words:


"I became passionate about this field because I personally experienced workplace discrimination. That experience motivated me to pursue a career where I could make an impact by accelerating inclusivity in the workplace. I recognized that by increasing awareness and insights about many workers' issues, we could build more successful long-term training programs and improve policies and procedures. My ultimate goal is to increase diverse representation at all levels within an organization and create safe and welcoming environments so that all employees can thrive.”

Nancy Schwachter Expert
nancy schwachter BCT Partners

Nancy Schwachter

Director of Children and Families

Nancy has 50 years of experience in her field. In her role at BCT Partners, she manages and provides oversight for 5 Federal Regional Customer Services Improvement contracts for the Office of Head Start and oversees a staff of 47 staff team members. She is also responsible for providing oversight and support to The Children's Bureau, Capacity Building Center project.

In Nancy's own words:

"I've always wanted to be a social worker and an advocate for those less fortunate than myself. My social work career led me into the field of early childhood education and early learning for low-income families. I saw first-hand the impact of a program like Head Start on children and their parents. It empowers parents to learn to be their child's first teacher and helps children develop emotional and social skills in a positive and supportive environment. Participation in Head Start gives the underserved and disenfranchised the foundation for a better future."


David Hunt Expert
David hunt BCT Partners

David Hunt

Senior Director of Health Equity

David leads BCT’s national health equity consulting practice. As the former President and CEO of Critical Measures, he has 28 years of experience working with leading national clients on health equity issues.  BCT’s health equity practice works with leading hospital systems and health plans to address the problem of racial and ethnic disparities in patient outcomes and satisfaction. In addition, his team helps to identify and address critical language access issues for Limited English Proficient and Deaf and Hard of Hearing patients. Finally, BCT’s assessment and training tools assist physicians, and other providers adapt their practice behaviors to better prepare them to respond to the emerging issue of global medicine and help avoid future pandemics.

In David's own words:

As a former civil rights attorney, I left the formal practice of law to pursue justice. That’s what our health equity practice is all about – providing dignified, high-quality, respectful care to every patient without exception. Years ago, a personal experience taught me the importance of ending health disparities. My daughter Katie was diagnosed at birth with a serious medical condition that required radical reconstructive surgery. My father-in-law at the time was the chief of staff at a major Minneapolis hospital and arranged for a world-renowned surgeon to operate on Katie. The operation was a success. Today, Katie is happily married with a child of her own. Without the many privileges that I have enjoyed as a white man, my daughter could easily have died. However, at the same time as these events occurred, the brother of one of my closest Black friends experienced a very different outcome. “Joe” was Black, gay and overweight with numerous health issues. His doctors largely dismissed his symptoms and treated him for bronchitis while failing to diagnose a serious heart condition. “Joe” died at the age of 42. His death was catastrophic for his family and friends but it led my friend Ron to seek care for the very same issues. Fortunately, Ron was treated by caring and concerned medical providers and is still healthy today at age 66. These events made me appreciate the substantial differences in how physicians practice medicine and care (or fail to care) for their patients. Afterwards, I vowed to do all that I could to eliminate health disparities and ensure that every patient would be treated with the kindness, dignity and respect that they deserve."


Jie Dong BCT Partners

In Jie's own words:

Director of Community and Social Innovation

Jie has been working in his field for 19 years. At BCT, his role entails leading a team of subject matter experts working to advance social justice on local and national initiatives in Housing, Community Economic Development, Nonprofits, and Philanthropy.

Jie Dong


“As a young teen, I immigrated from China to the U.S. and ended up living in poverty with my family in Oakland, CA. This experience enabled me to observe first-hand the many social ills that need to be addressed, and I became determined to work in a career where I could make a difference. In my current position, I have an opportunity to deliver solutions that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of public and private services that are the lifeline for some of the most marginalized populations and disadvantaged communities. Working with public housing authorities, homeless service providers, local government agencies, and nonprofit housing and community economic development corporations, I am in a position to deliver services that create lasting change.”


Jie Dong Expert
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