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Creating a World-Class DEI Initiative  Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Benchmarks

Creating a World-Class DEI Initiative 
Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Benchmarks

BCT utilizes the Centre for Global Inclusion’s Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Benchmarks: Standards for Organizations Around the World (GDEIB) as a DEI assessment and benchmarking tool.

The GDEIB is a free, downloadable, international instrument, developed and refined by 95 expert panelists, that contains 266 benchmarks in four primary processes (groups) and 15 concrete actions (categories), which cover the important elements that need to be addressed to create a world-class DEI initiative. 

The four primary processes (groups) that are assessed include:



Drive the Strategy

The foundation processes how to drive DEI work including an organizational statement of commitment to DEI that is authentic and reflects the agency’s identity; organizational DEI mission, vision and values; and organizational definitions of DEI.

Attract and Retain People

The internal processes address the entire end-to-end cycles of recruitment, development, advancement, retention, and support (RDARS), benefits, and community to strengthen DEI.

Align and Connect

The bridging processes address the necessary components to tie together and integrate the foundation, internal and external processes into a coherent and coordinated effort including assessment, communications, learning, and sustainability.

Listen and Serve Society

The external processes address how to conduct outreach, partner with outside entities, listen to and service society, engage the community, and carry out a culturally responsive and inclusive DEI agenda.

Each process is then benchmarked against five different levels. After the assessment is completed, BCT scores and rates the organization against best practices and provides recommendations for improvement. 

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