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Redefine the Game Institute

Redefine the game Institute

OVERVIEW: What is the “Redefine the Game” Institute?


The Redefine the Game Institute is a management level education and career advancement program designed for business professionals and community leaders. The culturally-specific course curriculum consists of an 11-month interactive business and organizational learning regiment based on the book, Black Faces in White Places, by Dr. Randal Pinkett and Dr. Jeffrey Robinson.


Each session will focus on common on-the-job issues faced by business professionals and community leaders. Today’s professionals need effective leadership and management skills to deal with challenges of global competition and a changing workforce. To address this growing need, the Empowerment Network and its business partners have collaborated to create this annual African-American career advancement and leadership development program.

The Redefine the Game Institute was created by Dr. Randal Pinkett & Dr. Jeffrey Robinson of BCT Partners and Damita Byrd & Willie Barney of the Empowerment Network and WDB Resultants, LLC. The goal is to enhance key skills that are essential for the growth and success of upcoming managers, leaders and executives in a culturally-relevant way.

The Ten Game-Changing Strategies


The overarching program will be based on the Ten Game-Changing Strategies outlined in the book, Black Faces in White Places: 10 Game-Changing Strategies to Achieve Success and Find Greatness. A diagram and high-level summary of the game-changing strategies can be found below. Participants will learn how to thrive in their current environment while preparing for future career and leadership opportunities.

Ten Game Changing Strategies
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