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Children and Families
Economic Development
Heath Equity
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences
Workforce Development
BCT Partners Industries


BCT Partners is committed to accelerating equity.

BCT Partners Vision

That's why as a management consulting firm, we focus on industries where our expertise can make the most impact.

Each of these areas is led by a BCT subject matter expert passionate about creating lasting change. Working with corporations, foundations, non-profits, and government agencies, our BCT team helps accelerate equity and solve complex problems.  

Case Studies Industries

Providing insights about social systems to improve efficiency and achieve favorable outcomes for diverse stakeholders.

Improving the delivery of quality healthcare to all patients and reducing healthcare disparities.

Transforming neighborhoods into thriving communities that support diverse businesses and are inclusive of all residents.

Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

Workforce Development

Workforce Development



Enabling companies to unlock the power of workforce and supplier diversity.

Helping organizations to sustainably scale, profit, and prosper while supporting the success of their employees.

Enhancing the effectiveness of educators, expanding community engagement, and increasing achievement for diverse students.

Providing insights into diverse populations through patient and community-centered solutions.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Education

Focusing on industries where we can

make the most impact

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