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BCT Partners’ Mission – Make Society More Equitable

bct partners equity mission

Equity is a word that we use often at BCT Partners, but we also try to live it every day. It really is the foundation for everything that we do. It inspires us to ask ourselves the hard questions. How do we make the world a better place? How do we give more people a fighting chance at The American Dream? How can we create a more even playing field? According to an OXFAM report, the wealthiest 1% in the U.S. captured 95% of the post financial crisis growth since 2009, while the bottom 90% became poorer.

But what does equity really mean in execution? The definition in the broadest sense is “equal or just” but how can it be achieved for the average person? We asked some of the principals at BCT Partners to answer how they work personally and professionally to help others achieve equity.

“You should never see yourself as being so accomplished or so successful that you don't stay grounded, accessible, personable, and respectful. I believe that I have an obligation to raise awareness about inequities and to challenge all of us to work towards a more open and just society.”

“I believe that we have to work directly with all stakeholders and empower them so that they have the tools to transform their neighborhoods into vibrant communities.”

“When executed properly, economic development programs can make a huge difference in the quality of people’s lives and they can actually reinvigorate neighborhoods.”

“Achieving workplace diversity is still a problem for many reasons. However, I believe that BCT’s efforts to help universities increase the diversity of their faculty is one of the keys to solving the problem. The two are completely intertwined.”

“Data analytics done wrong perpetuates inequities. Data analytics done right shines a light on them.”

“You have to meet people and families where they are in order to help them get to where they want to be. However, they can only be a part of the solution if the playing field is leveled.”

Although these are only words, they set the tone for the work that BCT Partners does every day. Whether we are using data insights to identify how social programs can work better for constituents or implementing economic development programs to revitalize communities, BCT Partners strives to make a difference through everything that we do. Because our mission is to provide insights about diverse people that lead to equity.

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