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Ten Strategies to Help African-American Professionals Deal with a Changing Workforce

Today’s professionals need effective leadership and management skills to deal with the challenges of global competition and a changing workforce. In order to give both business and community leaders the expertise to meet this situation head-on, Dr. Randall Pinkett and Dr. Jeffrey Robinson, co-founders of BCT Partners, recently collaborated on a program called Redefine the Game Institute. The 11- month interactive learning curriculum is based on their book, Black Faces in White Places. The institute is the result of a vision by Damita Byrd in partnership with Willie Barney of the Empowerment Network as well as WDB Resultants in Omaha. The collaboration between Pinkett, Robinson, Byrd, and Barney led to bringing the year-long leadership program to life.

“Dr. Robinson and I had been talking about launching a curriculum with the book, for years,” said Dr. Pinkett. “Then Damita cast a vision for making it happen, teamed up with Willie and the Empowerment Network, and once that happened the program took off quickly.”

The course focuses on ten game-changing strategies:

  1. Establish a strong identity and purpose

  2. Obtain broad exposure

  3. Demonstrate excellence

  4. Build diverse and solid relationships

  5. Seek the wisdom of others

  6. Finding strength in numbers

  7. Think and act like an intrepreneur

  8. Think and act like an entrepreneur

  9. Synergize and reach scale

  10. Give back generously

These ten principles guided Dr. Pinkett and Dr. Robinson as they were building their own successful company, BCT Partners. This philosophy also shaped how they run the day-to-day operations of their business which has grown into a multi-million-dollar management and technology consulting firm on a mission to provide insights about diverse people that lead to equity. The Institute was launched in Omaha because of Dr. Pinkett’s long-time relationship with the Empowerment Network. Pinkett has been a keynote speaker every year for the past five years at the Network’s Rebuilding the Village and African-American Leadership Conferences. The vision is to eventually expand the program across the country.

For more information on the program, click here…

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