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BCT Partners is excited to support the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Forward Promise initiative. Forward Promise is a $9.5 million initiative focused on promoting opportunities for the health and success of middle school- and high-school-aged boys and young men of color. The foundation recently awarded (10) 30-month grants to organizations managing innovative programs that offer a promising path to greater success for young men of color. In early 2014, another five community partners will receive funding to support their work.

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BCT Partners Visits the White House

BCT Partners, joined forces with President Barack Obama on July 31, 2014 at the White House, for the momentous signing of the Fair Pay and Safe Workplace Executive Order.

HUD iNtegrated Assessment Subsystem (NASS) Business Support

The Brunswick-BCT Group (an 8(a) joint venture between The Brunswick Group and BCT Partners) was recently awarded the HUD NASS Business Support IDIQ.

RWJF Violence Prevention Consultant

Over the next six months, BCT Partners will be working with RWJF to help shape its new violence prevention initiative.

Industry News: “Let’s encourage entrepreneurs to come up with new skills and offerings that will prepare our children for the future.

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