What We Do

At BCT Partners, we combine our subject matter expertise with data and technology to ensure that we deliver the right solution for our clients. We evaluate each project individually and assign the most qualified team members. We maintain consistent and clear communication with our customers through all phases of the project in order to understand and meet all of their criteria for a successful outcome. BCT’s Project Management Office (PMO), the foundation of our service delivery approach, is designed and committed to delivering quality results on time and within budget.

Our Services Include:






“BCT Partners and The African American Leadership Council (AALC) of Johnson & Johnson partnered together to develop and launch an extraordinary online experience that became the envy of all employee relations groups within J&J. BCT worked diligently to create a capability that reflected the heart and soul of the AALC and provided a digital presence that was second to none!  BCT has been an invaluable partner on our journey to growth and excellence.”


— Zacharie Lemelle, former CIO, Johnson & Johnson  

At BCT Partners, we never forget that our clients are helping to create a more equitable society. Whether they are a non-profit, government entity, foundation or corporation, our customers hire us because they want to make a positive difference. At the core of our partnership is the belief that we can help improve people’s lives. We work with organizations that transform low income neighborhoods to thriving communities and create affordable housing in cities across the country.  We work with corporations to help diversify their workforce and keep their employees engaged. We assist in bringing affordable healthcare programs to inner city communities. Most of all, we help people…



BCT Partners serves clients including corporations, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, foundations, and academic institutions.

Sample of our federal clients:

  • US Department of Education

  • US Department of Housing and Urban Development

  • US Department of Labor

  • US Department of Health & Human Services

  • US Social Security Administration

  • US Small Business Administration

Sample of our state/local clients:

•  Township of Irvington, NJ

•  City of Newark, NJ

•  City of Trenton, NJ

•  City of Jersey City, NJ

•  City of Philadelphia, PA

•  County of Essex, NJ

•  State of New Jersey

•  State of New York

Sample of our foundations and corporate philanthropy clients:

•  Annie E. Casey Foundation

•  Ford Foundation

•  Gates Foundation

•  Hewlett-Packard Company

•  Johnson & Johnson

•  Knight Foundation

•  Microsoft

•  Pfizer

•  Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

•  Rockefeller Foundation

Sample of our non-profit clients:

  • United Way

  • Zone 126

  • Harlem Children’s Zone

  • National League of Cities

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