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BCT Partners Recognized As One of the Best Management Consulting Firms

For the third consecutive year, BCT Partners is named by Forbes to their list of Best Management Consulting Firms in America for 2022. Once again, Forbes partnered with Statista to produce its seventh annual ranking by surveying 7,500 partners and executives of management consultancies and 1,300 senior executives who worked with such firms over the last four years. The list comprises 16 sectors—from aerospace and defense to financial institutions—and 16 functional areas—including strategy, sustainability, and digital transformation. Out of over 800,000 firms within the United States, only 218 made the list.

We are so pleased to receive this recognition for the third year in a row," says Lawrence Hibbert, Co-founder, and President of BCT Partners. "We started BCT Partners 22 years ago to harness the power of diversity, expertise, and innovation to transform lives, accelerate equity, and create lasting change. As one of the few African American-owned consulting firms named to this list, we have a unique perspective that enables us to drive positive social impact for our clients.”

As Dr. Randal Pinkett, Co-Founder and CEO, states, "We are truly honored by this award. At BCT Partners, we are constantly challenging ourselves to create new and cutting-edge solutions which allow us to make an even more significant impact in tackling society's greatest challenges. One innovative example is our Equitable Impact Platform (EquIP), developed by our precision analytics team and led by Pete York. The goal is to meet the needs of local communities, equitably.”

BCT put EquIP to excellent use at the height of the COVID-19 crisis. They wanted to make a difference during the pandemic, so they swiftly built a free COVID-19 Urgent Service Provider (CUSP) insight tool on their EquIP platform. CUSP helped donors identify communities that had the greatest need and evaluate the capacity of nonprofit service providers to meet those needs. Dr. Pinkett continues, “CUSP was just one example of BCT Partners leveraging our unique capabilities to support an equitable recovery from the pandemic.” To see how CUSP works, click here.

Another example of BCT's commitment to social impact is its recently announced a collaborative partnership with Eagle Technologies, Inc. (Eagle). Together they will provide world-class Healthcare and Education IT system integration services to government, state, local, and commercial customers. Currently, public health and educational data are collected and managed separately by federal, state, and local agencies according to their unique requirements, which creates silos of data. Government agencies need a scalable solution with increased pressure to ensure that programs are committed to evidence-based practice and services are equitably distributed among all stakeholders. The combination of BCT and Eagle’s data integration expertise, reliable IT Enterprise solutions, and ability to transform data into actionable insights through Precision Analytics enables the collective team to solve this complex challenge. Precision Analytics combines machine learning with data analytics, evaluation science, and social science expertise to pinpoint what is working for whom and provide both predictive and prescriptive recommendations for future actions.

Our partnership with Eagle is a great opportunity to deliver best-of-both-world innovation to our customers and impact the health and education sectors," said Lawrence Hibbert. “Health and education disparities are a concern at a national scale. Combining innovative data systems with our Precision Analytics ensures that these programs are more efficiently and effectively managed to achieve their outcomes, inform decision making, and ensure equity in the delivery of services. A solution like this will go a long way towards improving performance for these sectors and its stakeholders.”

In addition to the recognition that BCT Partners received from Forbes, they have also been named by Ernst & Young as EY Entrepreneur of the Year; Manage HR Magazine as a Top 10 Company for Diversity & Inclusion; CIO Techie as one of the Most Trusted Government Technology Firms; the Inc. 5000 list as one the fastest-growing private companies in America; and the Black Enterprise BE100s list as one of the nation’s largest African American owned businesses. You can learn more by visiting:


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