Precision Impact:
Transforming Data for Better Outcomes

Non-profits, foundations and government agencies spend billions of dollars funding social programs. But how do they know if they are really making progress?  

  • What is working and why?

  • Who is benefitting?

  • What precise insights can be uncovered?

  • How can results be optimized?

Precision Analytics is the answer.

By combining machine learning with precision data analysis and social science expertise, BCT Partners can help our clients optimize the performance of their social programs using the data that they already have.  For over twenty years, we have been committed to helping diverse populations achieve equity and we are now in a unique position to use data in a revolutionary way that can transform lives. 

Our Solution:  The Outcomes Generator

  • Generate Case-Specific Insights

  • Automate Data Analysis

  • Share What Worked, for Whom

  • View your Outcomes Dashboard

  • Assess Program Biases

Watch the video below to learn how Precision Analytics can create better outcomes for social programs. 


For more information about BCT’s projects such as the application of precision analytics in psychiatric residential treatment for Silver Springs-Martin Luther School, click here to view The Scattergood Foundation White Paper > 


Our Services:


Precision Analytics Consulting 

  • Assessment of data readiness

  • Analysis of current data sets

  • Rigorous evaluation of program effectiveness

Training Programs for Evaluators 

  • Utilization of analytics software 

  • Evaluation techniques

  • Guide to qualitative inquiry methodology

Precision Impact





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