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PRESS: BCT Partners Named to Black Enterprise’s 2019 Top 100 list BE 100 honors the largest black-ow

Dr Randal Pinkett and Lawrence Hibbert

Black Enterprise named BCT Partners to their top 100 industrial/service list for 2019 comprising the largest black-owned businesses within the United States. Every year since 1973, Black Enterprise has compiled this list of economic powerhouses covering a wide-range of sectors including banking , manufacturing, technology, food services, automotive and consulting. The combined yearly revenue of these companies is greater than 25 billion dollars and together they employ over 70,000 workers nationwide.

“We are so pleased to receive this recognition just as we are about to celebrate our 20-year anniversary in business” says Dr. Randal Pinkett, Co-founder and Managing Partner of BCT Partners. “When my three business partners and I started this company, we had one goal -- to work towards creating a more diverse and equitable society. We believed that we could be more effective as a team and that by combining our knowledge and skills, we could help both the private and public sector begin to solve complex social issues.”

The four co-founders of BCT Partners all studied at Rutgers University and chose to headquarter their company within Newark, NJ in order to better support their alma mater as well as the local community. In fact, BCT Partners has been instrumental in economic development efforts within the city with both Dr. Pinkett and Lawrence Hibbert, Co-founder and Managing Partner of BCT Partners, were recently named to serve on the Rutgers Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development’s (CUEED) Council of Urban Entrepreneurs. CUEED is America's first and only program to integrate academia, the private sector, government organizations, and non-profit partners to stimulate urban economic growth through entrepreneurship.

As Mr. Hibbert states, “We are committed to developing innovative solutions which will allow us to make an even bigger impact in tackling some of society’s greatest challenges. Our two latest offerings include precision data analytics (which combines machine learning, precision data analysis and social science expertise to identify ways to increase the effectiveness of social programs) and a new virtual reality program that is designed to mitigate workplace bias. We are grateful that this recognition within the BE Top 100 list will help to highlight the important work that we are doing.”

About BCT Partners:

BCT Partners is a national consulting firm that works with government agencies, Fortune 500 corporations, non-profits and foundations. Their mission is to provide insights about diverse people that lead to equity.

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