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PRESS: Dr. Randal Pinkett Named as One of the Top Eight Exceptional Humanitarian Men of 2018

As seen in the November/December Exceptional People Magazine Issue

Dr Randal Pinkett Exceptional people

Randal Pinkett's consistent service to others has paid off for him spiritually and financially. The entrepreneur, author, and Season 4 winner of NBC's "The Apprentice" has sought to achieve a "double bottom line" of both monetary and social returns in nearly every one of his many successful ventures: Mind, Body & Soul Enterprises focused on physical and spiritual development. MBS Educational Services & Training mentored students on college and career planning, leadership, excellence, and professional development. Inner City Consulting and Access One Corporation provided solutions for urban communities such as access to broadband for low-income inner-city residents.

Pinkett's current focus is on BCT Partners, a multimillion-dollar consulting firm which serves minority communities and the underserved. He serves on several boards including the Creating Community Connections Project and the New Jersey Public Policy Research Institute. He also supports multiple charities, causes, and organizations including the First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens, Uhlich Children's Advantage Network (UCAN). The Randal Pinkett Scholarship Fund, which he founded in 1994, provides financial assistance to deserving undergraduate students at Rutgers University.

Dr Randal Pinkett Exceptional Humanitarian 2018


Success is about what you get; greatness is about what you give. The markers of greatness are service, benevolence, compassion, and giving.

Never see yourself as being so accomplished or so successful that you don't stay grounded, accessible, personable, and respectful. If you are perceived as egotistical or elitist, that's a false dichotomy. Be the best at what you do. Be excellent. But stay grounded. Find the intersection of your passion and your gift.

l'm passionate about business, but l'm gifted with technology. That intersection is the proverbial sweet spot where you can really shine. Don't follow in other people's footsteps. Create your own path, having learned lessons from the past and from others.

Dr Randal Pinkett Exceptional People Magazine


One of my favorite quotes states, "We're not meant to see through each other, but to see each other through." It is powerful. l'm a big believer in working with people, teams, and collaboration. I don't believe we do anything individually, but collectively. When we believe that we're here to see each other through, then we see each other as brothers and sisters working together, to make a difference together.

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