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Why the Truth IS the Truth

news and truth in society

Recently, we heard Rudy Giuliani argue that truth isn’t truth. Did he really just mean to say that it’s okay to lie? But is it okay and should we start demanding that truth be the norm rather than the exception? Are we just giving in by accepting that everyone has their own version of the truth? And most importantly, are we raising a whole generation to think that the truth is up for interpretation?

It’s no secret that our country has become more polarized both politically and economically. And while we all have our own views that are filtered through our inherent beliefs, we owe it to ourselves, our country and our children to dig a little deeper to find out what is real and what is not.

Trump was right about the fact that there is “fake” news. It may not be broadcast by some of the mainstream media outlets that he suggests, but it’s not hard to find “news” that is specifically geared towards spreading hate and misinformation. And while it will never be possible to change some people’s minds, most of us want to find a way to get back to civil dialogue. And while we can disagree on our opinions, we should be able to agree that the TRUTH is the TRUTH.

We need to start demanding that our leaders differentiate between opinion and fact and hold them accountable to that. Until we start expecting more from the leaders that we elected, we will never move forward as a society in any meaningful way.

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