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The BCT Difference

At BCT Partners, our greatest strength is our people. We care passionately about creating a diverse and equitable society. We combine this commitment with specialized expertise around topics such as unconscious bias and inclusive management and use insights from big data, machine learning, and precision analytics to develop solutions that lead to societal change.

Precision Impact: Transforming data for better outcomes of social programs.  

Unconscious Bias: Unconscious stereotypes that influence our judgement towards other people.  

Our Services

The underlying principle that informs everything we do is equity – in housing, jobs, energy, social services, education, health, life sciences and more.  And our specialized expertise in topics such as unconscious bias, diversity and inclusion, big data, machine learning and precision analytics is at the core of all of our services.


BCT’s Data Analytics and Business Intelligence practice combines machine learning with precision data analysis and social science expertise to optimize the performance of social programs.


BCT’s Research & Evaluation practice manages the entire lifecycle of assessment,
research and evaluation
investigations to yield insights.


BCT’s Technical Assistance & Training practice delivers a comprehensive suite of services such as organizational development, facilitation,
program management,
monitoring and compliance.


BCT’s Information Technology practice delivers a full-range of technical services to
design, develop, implement and test systems. 


BCT’s Management Consulting practice offers critical business services such as strategy,
planning, business analysis, program management and project management.

“To compete in the 21st century, you must be able to leverage technology and data to foster greater insights about diverse people.”

— Dr. Randal Pinkett, CEO BCT Partners

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BCT Partners Launches CUSP — a Free Big Data Platform that Pinpoints Where COVID-19 Funding

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COVID-19 Shines a Spotlight on Societal Injustices

April 30, 2020

COVID-19 has been called the great equalizer, but is it? Although we’re all supposed to be in this together, the rich and poor are experiencing this pandemic very differently. The awful disparity in who lives and dies is just one of the worst examples. From employment to health insurance, there are other glaring inequities as well.

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Redefine the Game Institute

The Redefine the Game Institute is a management level education and career advancement program designed for business professionals and community leaders. The culturally-specific course curriculum is based on the book, Black Faces in White Places, by Dr. Randal Pinkett and Dr. Jeffrey Robinson.

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Insights. Diversity. Equity.

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