Unconscious Bias and Conscious Inclusion:
From Awareness to Action

Workplace discrimination, like unconscious bias, costs businesses an estimated $64 billion annually, a recent report from the Center For American Progress finds.  


Unfortunately, biases are a fact of life.  In fact, social scientists have identified over 150 categories of bias that can affect our judgment of another person including race, weight, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, and age just to name a few. 


Fortunately, BCT Partners is uniquely positioned to help our clients change Unconscious Bias into Conscious Inclusion


  • Deep subject-matter expertise on the science of Unconscious Bias.


  • Interdisciplinary insights from business, law, psychology, cognitive science, biology, and the diversity and inclusion field.


  • Seasoned experts and professionals with thought leadership reflected in various books, publications, and other intellectual properties.


  • Extensive, industry-specific experience with small and large enterprises including Fortune 500 corporations.


  • A holistic offering of follow-up services in areas such as:

-  Cultural and Diversity Assessments

Live, Virtual Reality (VR) and Virtual Seminars

-  Coaching and Executive Coaching

-  eLearning and Multimedia

-  Evaluation and Data Analytics

Program Overview:

BCT evaluates the effectiveness of our work on four levels: reaction, learning, behavior and results (Kirkpatrick Model). We then combine descriptive analytics, predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics to identify trends, generate reports, and measure the impact of education and training.

BCT Partners mission is to provide insights about diverse people that lead to equity.

Evaluation & Data Analytics

Cultural & Diversity Assessments

Unconcious Bias and Conscious Inclusion

Our cultural and diversity assessments identify often neglected organizational culture and diversity issues that can affect morale, recruitment, hiring and retention, performance and productivity, employment law liability, and a host of other issues.

Live, VR and Virtual Seminars

Our Live, Virtual Reality (VR) & Virtual Seminars explore the implications of unconscious biases and the benefits of adopting conscious inclusion. The VR experience, in particular, accelerates the participant's empathy for how bias affects different demographics and moves them from awareness to action.

BCT specializes in customized eLearning, motion graphics and multimedia video development. We develop customized eLearning solutions in areas such as unconscious bias, conscious inclusion, diversity and inclusion to suit our customers needs.

eLearning & Multimedia

Coaching & Executive Coaching

Our coaching sessions are geared toward facilitating discussion, exploring critical issues, fostering dialogue and eliciting insights to deepen participant’s self-awareness and understanding, spawn action and improve performance.

Partial List of BCT Clients: