Real Change Starts with the Individual

While the workplace is the best place to start inclusive behavior, it can only be successful when each person focuses on changing their own behaviors and habits.

The Inclusion Habit

A groundbreaking new technology that helps individuals embrace more inclusive behavior through six habit-building phases:

  • Inclusion matters

  • Recognizing bias

  • Dispersing negativity

  • Thinking slowly

  • Changing intuition

  • Enhancing empathy

BCT is proud to partner with the creator of this innovative solution, Dr. Amanda J. Felkey, and asks you to be a part of testing it. This hyper-personalized training has the potential to overhaul yesterday's training models, positively change habits, and create sustainable impact. If proven successful, this one-of-a-kind training program will become a part of BCT’s toolkit as we continue to lead the industry in our important work around DEI.

Are you ready to adopt new habits of understanding, empathy, and inclusion?


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About Dr. Felkey

Dr. Felkey has a Ph.D. in Behavioral Economics from Cornell University along with 20 years of experience in decision-making research and 15 years in curriculum design. Dr. Felkey has also authored award winning publications and is actively researching unconscious bias. Click here for more information >

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