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BCT Partners Honored by CIO Techie Magazine

BCT Partners is proud to have been named one of The Most Trusted Government Companies of 2020 by CIO Techie Magazine. This award is in addition to some of the other accolades that BCT has been honored to receive this year, including; Forbes list of America’s Best Management Consulting Firms of 2020, a Top 10 Diversity and Inclusion Consulting/Service Company by Manage HR Magazine, and the Black Enterprise BE100 list which recognizes the nation’s largest African American-owned businesses. And while the leaders at BCT are grateful for the awards, they are quick to point out that none of this would be possible without the talented employees that work at the company.

As Lawrence Hibbert, President and Founding Partner, says, "BCT's greatest strength is our people. Every single person in our company cares passionately about creating a more diverse and equitable society." For twenty years, BCT has been combining their commitment with expertise around topics such as inclusive management and unconscious bias. More recently, they have begun using data insights, machine learning, and precision insights to inform and develop scalable solutions that lead to societal change. The synthesis of data analysis, commitment to change, and technology solutions are what sets BCT Partners apart from other consulting firms. And it's why some of the largest corporations in the world, as well as numerous government agencies, have chosen BCT as their consulting partner.

Dr. Randal Pinkett, CEO and Founding Partners, adds, "BCT always has an eye on the future, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t remember how we got here. The truth is that, like any other business, we have gone through ups and downs and are proud to have come out of it stronger as a result. Our main focus has always been, and will continue to be, the delivery of exceptional services and solutions while simultaneously developing new technologies that will allow even more scalability.”

Some of their objectives for the coming years include increasing market penetration for their Precision Analytics Practice and Equitable Impact Platform, growing their customer base for their “Through My Eyes” Virtual Reality Immersion” program, and improving equitable outcomes in healthcare. Their recent acquisition of MN-based firm, Critical Measures will help tremendously in reaching that goal as they bring to BCT a 20-year track record of expertise within the healthcare sector.

So, while the awards are welcomed as an acknowledgment of BCT's great work, the real reward is achieving a sustainable and positive impact in society.



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