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DEI Drives Business Performance

“Ethnically diverse companies and gender diverse companies are 36% and 25% more
likely, respectively, to financially outperform organizations that are of average diversity in their industry.”
– Global Parity Alliance: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Lighthouses 2023 

BCT Partners, a minority-owned and nationally recognized consulting firm, offers a holistic approach for organizations to create DEI initiatives that transform lives, accelerate equity and create lasting change.

Damita-Byrd BCT Partners
david_hunt BCT Partners
Riikka Salonen BCT Partners

Dr. Randal Pinkett Chairman and CEO BCT Partners

Damita Byrd

Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

David Hunt

Director of Health Equity

Donella Lampkin

Senior Manager, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Riikka Salonen

Managing Director of Health Equity

BCT is one of the leading firms in the country with expertise in the following markets: DEI, health, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, workforce development, children and families, education, energy, housing and community development, and economic development.

BCT Partners offerings include:

To harness the power of diversity, insights, and innovation to transform lives, accelerate equity, 
and create lasting change.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Workforce and Workplace Assessment (DWWA) 

The DWWA is a statistically validated assessment that evaluates organizational culture and climate through the lens of DEI (i.e., behaviors and habits) in ten categories, including employee satisfaction, perceptions of culture and climate, and workplace incivility issues, among others. Based on the findings of the DWWA assessments, BCT will work with your organization to develop a 3-5-year DEI Strategic Plan identifying clear objectives, goals, strategies, and measures to turn your evidence into action.


Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Benchmarks (GDEIB) 

BCT utilizes the Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Benchmarks instrument to assess how well organizations are addressing internal DEI structures and systems. This tool, developed by a global network of experts, is distributed by the Centre for Global Inclusion. Using the GDEIB, BCT focuses on DEI vision, strategy, leadership, structures, and implementation, talent acquisition, development, and advancement, and retention-impacting topics such as support for work-life balance. BCT measures an organization’s self-assessed performance with a 5-level GDEIB scale, from inactive to best practice, scoring and rating the organization and providing recommendations for improvement. 


DEI Data Analytics

Data-Driven DEI™ is a practical blueprint for successful, measurable, and impactful DEI initiatives. By assessing the current state of your initiatives and analyzing that data, BCT creates an organizational action plan providing guidance on how to implement data-driven, science-based, and technology-enabled interventions. We offer tools, strategies, and examples, including metrics and key performance indicators that can be used to measure progress and demonstrate impact. Additionally, our Equitable Analytics™ is a disruptive approach that uses Precision Modeling and machine learning to more precisely identify what types of DEI programming, treatments, and/or interventions are most likely to work and for whom.


Employee Resource Groups (ERG) Assessment

The ERG Assessment Tool provides qualitative and quantitative insights using a strategic DEI lens to better understand the strengths, challenges, and business opportunities of the employee resource network experiences in the workplace. Employee Resource Groups (ERG)  connect employees who have similar affinity around race, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, parental status, national origin, religion, beliefs, or generation. Successful networks are in full alignment with the strategic initiatives supporting pillars of the business around innovation, employee development, engagement, and community outreach. 


Human Resources Policy & Procedure Evaluations (HR PPE)

A human resource policy and procedure evaluation allows a business to evaluate its HR department and its policies, procedures, and common practices. A DEI human resources (HR) evaluation is an objective assessment of a company’s HR practices, policies, and procedures that enables businesses to identify inequities and develop solutions. HR PPE can help identify challenges in pay structures and determine how to best allocate compensation gaps. CHROs can use these evaluation findings to determine which policies are working well and develop ways to reduce operational costs, and build a more inclusive strategic plan.


DEI Learning and Development

Originally founded in 1993 as a DEI training, learning, and development company, BCT has an outstanding track record of designing DEI seminars and value-driven programs. For example, BCT researched and designed both the unconscious bias classroom and eLearning curricula for the U.S. Department of State’s foreign service officers prior to their global deployment. BCT’s coaching services include personalized, one-on-one support to develop leadership skills, build relationships, overcome challenges, accelerate development, and achieve goals. Our diverse trainers, facilitators, and coaches are located nationwide and deliver the full line of our DEI training content. 

•    Data-Driven DEI™

•    Inclusive Leadership Skills Training

•    The New Science of Unconscious Bias Training

•    Managing a Culturally Diverse Workplace and Workforce


Through My Eyes™ Virtual Reality (VR) for Human Understanding 

BCT Partners and Red Fern Consulting have developed a VR program that puts people in actual situations where they have to confront some of their own obvious or hidden biases. The VR experience enables the user to take part in two different ways: 

•    As an observer of how bias plays out in various situations

•    As one of the characters in the scene

This approach accelerates empathy for how bias affects different demographics. Data is captured regarding the user’s focus and choices, which then provides material for personalized action planning.

Honors and Awards:

  • Inc.5000 of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies

  • Manage HR Magazine Top 10 Diversity and Inclusion Consulting Companies

  • Forbes America’s Best Management Consulting Firms four years in a row

  • Black Enterprise BE100s Nation’s Largest Black-owned Businesses

Inc 5000 BCT Partners
HR Top Diversity and Inclusion BCT Partners
Forbes BCT Partners Fourth Year in a Row
Nations Largest Black Businesses BCT Partners
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