Equity Begins with Empowerment

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Be part of the solution.


Owning a business is part of the American dream. It’s the freedom to start something from nothing and follow your passion. But for many minorities that dream has been out of reach.


That’s why the combined work of the NMSDC and CSAC matters so much. With twenty-five procurement officers from some of the largest global organizations committed to accelerating change, we can help minority businesses achieve their dreams. We can be part of the solution.

Guiding Principles:
  • Increase participation and engagement

  • Develop innovative training

  • Identify technology assets and increase access

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CSAC – NMSDC: Collaboration and Involvement

NMSDC Roles and Involvement

  • Provide executive oversight

  • Ensure that information is shared with the NMSDC Executive Leadership Team

  • Provide a liaison to help coordinate the CSAC programs and projects

  • Help identify and develop MBEs suitable for CSAC via existing programs

  • Establish and help formalize connections to NMSDC infrastructure such as the Office of Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Corporate Plus members, and The Growth Initiative


We are the nation’s largest, most impactful, and successful non-profit advocacy organization for MBEs, proving growth for MBEs is growth for all. 

Our success is historic and unmatched:


15,000 MBEs 

Connected to more than 1,500 corporations 

Resulting in nearly $400 billion in economic output annually

Generating $130 billion in tax revenue


1.75 million jobs

CSAC Leadership and Member Organizations

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