BCT Partners is committed to supporting local, regional and national providers to deliver better healthcare services for individuals, families, and their communities. With an established track record of sustained high quality services delivery, BCT Partners staff possess impressive credentials in healthcare services, specifically, and generally across the entire healthcare industry, spanning both government and commercial sectors. BCT offers substantial relevant experience and resources with expertise across a variety of the health-related mission domains, including behavioral healthcare, mental health, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS and reproductive health service integration, community-based health interventions, family engagement in nutrition, innovation and sustainable food, philanthropic strategies for holistic health and positive development along the life course. BCT has experience supporting efforts to deliver relevant healthcare services to underserved communities, low-income communities, communities of color, urban and rural communities, and supporting efforts targeted at specific populations across a range of demographic considerations. Our strengths-based approach in the assessment, research, design, and implementation of healthcare services – with an eye to critical mediating variables (such as ethnicity, language, household income and special needs) – allows us to address the disparate needs of populations being targeted through various programs and initiatives.