HUD iNtegrated Assessment Subsystem (NASS) Business Support

The Brunswick-BCT Group (an 8(a) joint venture between The Brunswick Group and BCT Partners) was recently awarded the HUD NASS Business Support IDIQ – a single award IDIQ with a $25 million ceiling. Task orders on this IDIQ may include updating the NASS Business Requirement Documents; performing research, analysis and testing of various approaches for assessing performance and compliance requirements; delivering updates, enhancements, business analysis tools and testing; and performing on-site management operations reviews and assessments at PHAs nationwide.

RWJF Violence Prevention Consultant

Over the next six months, BCT Partners will be working with RWJF to help shape its new violence prevention initiative. BCT will facilitate the foundation and a core group of violence prevention experts through an exploratory process to craft a strategic and philanthropic agenda to promote mental wellness. The exploratory process will be a time of assessing synergies between the greatest needs in the field and the foundation’s goals, determining a target demographic, and considering the best means of supporting potential grantees.

Technical Assistance for HUD Choice Neighborhoods

Built on the back of the HOPE VI revitalization initiative, Choice Neighborhoods (CN) takes the work of HOPE VI – revitalizing public housing – and envelopes it with the improved programs and supportive services (crime prevention, public transportation, job training, healthcare, etc.) that children and families need to flourish. BCT Partners and its partners, the Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP) and A Special Gathering, are charged with offering program-wide and individual grantee technical assistance to no less than 35 planning and implementation CN grantees. Since 2012, the CN team has been delivering ongoing training, guidance, information, tools, and best practices to grantees and HUD staff by way of a community of practice, national conferences, regional convenings, site visit, and the like.

Technical Assistance for HUD Section 811 Project Rental Assistance Demonstration Program

Through a joint venture with New Brunswick-based firm, The Brunswick Group (The Brunswick-BCT Group), BCT Partners is providing TA to project rental assistance demonstration (PRAD) grantees. The PRAD Program seeks to identify, stimulate and support sustainable, innovative state approaches that will transform the provision of housing for persons with disabilities while providing access to appropriate support and services. TA will be provided through various delivery methods, including but not limited to: developing and distributing hard copy and electronic educational materials; providing meeting planning support as well as conference and webinar logistical assistance; individualized technical assistance; and developing, supporting and fostering a Community of Practice (CoP). The TA is intended to improve the number and quality of approvable applications to the PRAD program for future competitions, as well as to shorten the time for the currently funded projects to get from award to occupancy.